Discovering distinction of Vinh Long ceramics

Where is Vinh Long Ceramics ?

By Huy Nguyen in Vinh Long


A woman whittles ceramic pots in a pottery kiln in Vinh Long Province - Photo: Huy Nguyen

Vinh Long Province is known for its orchards and interlacing canals as other provinces in the Mekong Delta. Vinh Long is also famous for a pottery craft village running 20 kilometers along the Co Chien River.

Vinh Long ceramics are popular not only by their elegant shapes but also by their distinguished color, pink, that makes it different from other ceramics of other regions. This is also the reason Vinh Long ceramics are easily found in homes around the country as well as overseas markets.

“The color is not made from the process of producing or techniques of baking, but on the character of the clay which has a high concentration of alum that also is available in Vinh Long,” said Ho Minh Trung, owner of a local pottery factory.

Strolling along Co Chien River, tourists will see egg-shaped pottery-kilns between the industrial factories. These kilns are not only to produce pottery works but also are dedicated as tourist destinations to show the work and how it is done.

In Vinh Long, tourists can see many outstanding works in diverse types such as vases, pots, jars, bas-relief, paintings and statues. The most interesting thing for tourists is the process of making ceramic works. First, the artisans have to dig clay from under the river and then mix it with sand. The mixed clay is then carefully kneaded. The kneaded clay is put into molds and then into kilns. Finally, artisans have to whittle till the products are perfect.

Artisans in a pottery craft village along Co Chien River in Vinh Long City are busy making ceramic works

Coming to the village, tourists will also learn how local artisans make bricks. “The village has a tradition of making bricks for over 100 years,” said Ho Van Vang, chairman of Vinh Long ceramics craft association.

For living and for passion for the craft, most craftsmen make both pottery and bricks as well as develop passion and creativeness for the village. Tourists will see the combination of ceramics and bricks in houses in the village. One of these houses will surprise visitors as the pillars are made from pottery while the roof is made from red-tile and the floor by bricks. The house is decorated with bas-relief and paintings made by pottery.

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